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Annie Chun's

We take pride as one of the major suppliers of Annie Chunís Collection of Asian Foods for restaurants that flaunt their Asian delicacies. If you are an owner of a Chinese or Korean or any kind of Asian restaurant you would surely need to serve your customers with convenient, simple and delicious Asian meals through innovative menus and delicacies. We provide a line of innovative, premium goods with variety of options for vegetarian, organic and gluten-free to dietary restrictions and preferences. You can buy Annie Chunís products from supermarkets, natural food stores and other places, but they would be an expensive option for you. Try our wholesale rates and save when buying any of Annie Chunís Asian cuisines. Get the best deal ever for Asian restaurant food right here at Round Eye Supply.

Our inventory of Annie Chunís Asian Cuisines include:
Annie Chunís Miso Soup Noodle Bowl, Annie Chunís Peanut Sauce Noodle Bowl, Annie Chunís Teriyaki FreshPak Noodle Bowl, Annie Chunís Udon Soup FreshPak Noodle Bowl, and other Annie Chunís products.

Annie Chunís Asian Foods at Round Eye Supply

Annie Chun founded the company in 1992 with the dream of creating healthy, delicious Asian foods that would introduce America to the diversity of Asian foods and flavors. Since those early days, the company has grown to become the leading producer of all-natural, gourmet Pan-Asian food in the United States. Today, Annie Chunís continues to provide consumers with simple, convenient meal solutions through innovative product offerings and unique flavor profiles that unlock a sense of worldliness with every bite.

In 2005, Annie Chunís forged a strategic partnership with CJ Corp., Koreaís largest food producer, strengthening the companyís commitment to creating all natural, great tasting products that promote good health and further the companyís goal of introducing new and exciting Asian foods to the American consumer. The complete line of innovative, premium goods provides a variety of options such as vegetarian, organic and gluten-free to adapt to dietary restrictions or preferences. Annie Chunís products can now be found at most major supermarkets and natural foods stores, Whole Foods, Target, Wal-mart, and Trader Joeís as well as in select Canadian chains.

Round Eye Supply has been one of the premier restaurant supply distributors in the US. Round Eye Supply has also been among the best in terms of accommodating for Asian style restaurants and their needs. With the increasing demand of Asian recipes and menus, most restaurant owners wish to include feed delicacies in their menus but they end up buying the wrong products. If you wish that your restaurant served the best Asian delicacies which will attract more customers to your restaurant to eat, you need to get a hold of Annie Chunís Asian Foods.

Round Eye Supply has been a pioneer in supplying Chinese and other Asian style Restaurant supplies. We take pride in supplying the best quality Asian Food Supplies. And we are one of the major suppliers of Annie Chunís Asian Foods. Annie Chunís Brand was founded in 1992. Since then, has been a successful company in accomplishing the dream of manufacturing delicious and healthy Asian foods that would introduce Americans to the diversity of different Asian flavors. And since its inauguration the company has really strived hard to become the most trusted and leading producer of all-natural, gourmet Pan Asian food in the US.

Round Eye Supply is the one stop solution to all types of Asian restaurant food supply. Nearly 3000 restaurants currently get their restaurant supplies including the restaurant equipment and accessories from Round Eye Supply. We stock thousands of restaurant supply products meant for any restaurant and food business services like bakeries/confectionaries, catering services, bar services, Chinese Restaurants, Korean Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants and the like.

Your hunt for wholesale prices and bulk purchasing of Annie Chunís Asian Cuisines will end right here with us. We are confident that once you buy the products from us, you will definitely enter into a long term business relationship with Round Eye Supply.