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Bakery Flour

We are a top restaurant supply distributor of baking Flour for commercial kitchens. We sell 50 lb bags of flour and 25 lb bags in bulk for restaurants and bakeries to make delicious desserts and pastries. Flour is a core ingredient in breads and Flour is a staple in any kitchen or bakery.
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In most hotels and restaurants where the baking is standard fare and does not include rare specialty items, the flour of choice with be simple all purpose flour. As the name suggests, this type of bakery flour can be used for nearly any type of recipe. You can use all purpose flour to make bread, cakes, pastry crusts, and more. You can use this flour for a batter for fish or meat to create a crispy coating. When in doubt, all purpose flour is usually a smart bet. For stocking a large kitchen, you should purchase this flour in 50 pound bags. Flour is an important ingredient in baking. Get the best deal on baking ingredients here at the restaurant supply powerhouse.

However, bakery flour isn't as straightforward as it may seem. There are seemingly endless types of flour available. As you're browsing recipes in a bakery cookbook, you're sure to see terms such as bread flour, cake flour, pastry flour, and self-rising flour. You'll also find that although most flours are made from wheat, some are also made from products such as corn, rice, and legumes. When you're working in a large professional kitchen, the options are usually simplified, but there's still a lot to know.