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We sell cheddar and nacho cheeses for restaurants and concession stand nachos. Our cheeses include some with jalapenos as well as cheddar cheese sauce and monterey jack cheese sauce for your concession patrons at a ball game or event. Buy wholesale cheese from the leader in restaurant supply including top brands such as Bay Valley Foods, B and G Foods, and Advanced foods. Cheese dip is a great appetizer as well as a favorite in kids meals.
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Wholesale Cheese Dips for your restaurant and concession stands.

American Cheese - Sweet and creamy cheese flavor.
Au Gratin - A creamy cheddar cheese based sauce that blends well with potatoes.
Bleu Cheese - A smooth and creamy sauce with a mild bleu cheese flavor.
Chipotle cheese - A spicy cheddar cheese sauce made with a blend of chipotle and chili peppers.
Creamy Cheddar Cheese - Ready-to-use sauce with higher milk solids and a thinner viscosity.
Custom Cheddar Cheese - Made from a blend of aged Cheddar and natural cheese flavor.
Deluxe Jalapeņo cheese - Blend of aged Cheddar and jalapeņo peppers.
Deluxe Nacho Cheese - Ready-to-serve cheese sauce made of mellow, aged Cheddar cheese, tomato and zesty jalapeņo peppers.
Gorgonzola - A mellow Gorgonzola sauce with earthy mushroom and white pepper notes.
Macaroni Cheese - Aged Cheddar cheese sauce with a range of sharp top-notes for macaroni & cheese.
Monterey Jack Cheese - Premium smooth white cheese sauce made with real Monterey Jack cheese.
Mozzarella Cheese - Mozzarella cheese sauce with buttery, milky top-notes.
Original Cheddar Cheese - Blend of distinctively flavored aged Cheddar cheeses in a smooth, ready-to-serve cheese sauce.
Provolone Cheese - Made with Provolone cheese highlighted with a hint of smoked flavor.
Sharp Cheddar Cheese - Extra-sharp top-notes, strong aged Cheddar cheese flavor.
Smoked Bacon - Cheddar cheese-based sauce with bacon bits and hickory smoke flavor.
Supreme Cheddar Cheese - Made from a blend of aged Cheddar cheeses, this smooth-textured sauce has a distinctive, rich flavor.
Swiss Cheese - Ready-to-serve smooth textured sauce made from Swiss cheese.
Swiss Blend Cheese - Swiss, Mozzarella, Parmesian and Provolone cheese mixture. Swiss is the most prominent flavor profile.
White Cheddar Cheese - New York-style sharp white Cheddar cheese sauce.