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tortilla strips

Mexican Tortilla Strips

Mexican tortilla chips are a popular choice wherever they're served, whether eaten right out of the bag as a quick and easy snack, placed on the table as an appetizer with salsa or used to top salads and chilis. We have corn tortilla strips from Fresh Gourmet, a Sugar Foods brand, and from Green Mountain Gringo, which produces organic white and organic blue chips made from organic, stone-ground white masa harina corn flour, cooked in natural, non-hydrogenated oils (canola, safflower or sunflower). These Green Mountain Gringo tortilla strips, the undisputed king of strong, stable dipping utensils, come in 8-oz bags, 12 bags/case.

Fresh Gourmet corn chip strips are tri-colored in red, white and blue and available in 0.5-oz bags, 100 bags/case. Lightly salted and natural colored Fresh Gourmet corn strips are sold here in one-pound bags, 10 bags/case. You'll also find tri-color (red, white and blue) salad-topping one pound bags from Fresh Gourmet in cases of ten bags each.
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