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How to Save Money on Groceries

Times are changing and now-a-days, you can save money on groceries with more than just coupons! Gone are the days of wondering how to save money on food! There are so many options for you to save both time and money on your weekly grocery trips, so before making your next run to the store, tap into these three super-saving secrets. Rethinking your shopping habits could put money back in your wallet and give you extra time to do the important things in life—like having that family dinner.

3 secrets to saving money on Groceries

Here are 3 steps to help you save money on groceries every week!

1.) Plan Your Lists

Any good sports team knows their game plan and sticks to it. Come up with your own game plan when writing out your shopping lists. It’s not enough to know what items you need. You should also know where they are in the store and what the fastest path is to your ultimate objective—checking out and going home. When writing out your lists, try to organize the items by section or area of the grocery store. Otherwise, you might be going through sections of the store you don’t need to be in or doubling back to grab items you missed.

Not only does all of this looping around waste time, but the chances of you buying things not on your list—like those tempting Little Debbie cakes—greatly increase every time you pass by them. Spending less on items not originally on your list will help you stay within your budget and minimize your time shopping and checking out.

2.) Buy in Bulk

Planning a bake sale or a party? Have a large family? Have a few items you routinely buy in small quantities, then quickly run out of? You may benefit from buying some items in bulk. Larger quantities equal better discounts, even on organic and specialty items. Plus, you won’t have to plan so many trips to the store around stocking up on items you use every day.

With so many wholesale and bulk retailers now online, you can easily get your favorite products delivered straight to your door. No trip to the store required!

3.) Grocery Shop Online

For years, many of us have been shopping online for items like clothing, electronics, and home goods, but did you know you can take advantage of a whole new world of savings and convenience with online grocery shopping?!

Online coupons and promotions open up a lot of savings you may not usually get for some of your items in-store. Not to mention the time and money you will save by not having to commute to the store, load and unload groceries, and walk up and down aisles to find what you need. Plus, many websites have features that allow you to pull up your previous orders and drop those items into your cart with the click of a button. You can easily view and price compare similar items and brands and find new options that may hide in the clutter of a physical store or may not be available at all!

Give it a try, and you may discover online shopping delivers more than just your groceries!