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Wholesale Restaurant To-Go & Storage Bags

Customers get takeout or to-go for two reasons: The taste and convenience. Your restaurant is on their mind due to your menu, and when they're not in the mood to cook, need something quick, or are on their way to a get-together and have to feed a group, they make a beeline to your establishment or pick up the phone to place an order.

But, whether they're thinking about themselves or a crowd, they're expecting everything to be included in a single package - all entrees, all appetizers and all utensils. Bags are the secret ingredient holding it all together, helping them get from point A to point B and through the door without dropping, losing or spilling anything.

Restaurant to-go bags in bulk keep your takeout operations running. We understand: As foodservice professionals ourselves, we know that you strive to deliver the taste of sit-down dining wherever your customers plan to go. In turn, among our over 60,00 products, we offer a variety of storage and takeout bags in a choice of materials, with everything sold at some of the lowest wholesale prices you'll find.

We may be one of the leading online grocer and restaurant suppliers, but we aim to provide the feel of a small business. You're not just a number: We value what you do, and along with offering a broad spectrum of restaurant supplies, we support you with one-on-one customer service, a personalized experience and answers to your questions.

We're ready to be your one-stop shop for all takeout essentials. Browse the following:

Restaurant To-Go Bags

For small to large orders, cold to hot foods, and carry-out and takeout, we have bulk bags to suit your operation. Find both brown and white paper bags, traditional Thank You plastic bags, dedicated options for holding utensils and silverware, and state law-compliant liquor bags.

Food Storage Bags

In a restaurant, food storage has two purposes: To keep your kitchen and chefs organized, in terms of where they can find ingredients and prep in advance, and adhere to food safety standards. Storage and sandwich bags assist with both, helping you maximize space and reduce spills in the process.

When your supply is running low, turn to Round Eye Supply for wholesale to-go and storage bags. Browse all options today, and get free shipping on orders over $1,500.