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Bakers Chocolate & Cocoa

Our Bakery Chocolate and Cocoa category is full of sweets and treats under three subcategories – chocolate chips, cocoa and truffles. You'll find two of the oldest chocolatiers represented here. Ghirardelli, founded in 1852 and currently owned by Swiss confectioner Lindt & Sprüngli, founded in 1845. Bakers Chocolate, an American company, was founded in 1780. These companies all produce world-class chocolate products that we're proud to offer. Add to that list Nestlé, established in 1905 and perhaps the most recognized name in America for chocolate candy bars and hot cocoa.
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Wholesale Chocolate & Cocoa

For wholesale baking chocolate, look to Baker's brand, whose unsweetened chocolate and German bakers chocolate both come in 4-oz. bars, 12 bars per case. Other bulk chocolate purveyors include Ghirardelli, with 25-lb. boxes of semi-sweet, milk chocolate and 60% cacao dark chocolate for baking. Skip to the cocoa subcategory for an extensive listing of chocolate drinks of every brand, from Nestlé, Ghirardelli and Baker's to Kraft Nabisco, Abuelita and others.

Chocolate as we recognize it today was developed primarily in Europe. When the dark cacao beans reached Europe, they were mixed with sugar and milk to make a delicious drink. Cocoa was also used in cakes, candies, and other desserts, again lightened with milk and sugar. It wasn't until the 19th century that the cacao bean was turned into actual bars of chocolate. This process was developed by John Cadbury, whose chocolate is still well-known today. The Cadbury name is nearly synonymous with Easter treats. Creating great bakery chocolate and cocoa products can certainly put one on the map and earn a place in history. Chocolate and Cocoa are 2 important ingredients for any bakery. Get the best deal on baking Chocolate and Cocoa at for your cookies and cakes.

The use of chocolate in cooking can be dated back to Mesoamerica. Mayans and Aztecs used the prized concoction in religious ceremonies. Chocolate in its earliest incarnations was dark and rich with a bitter flavor that's hardly recognized in many American chocolate products today. However it's used, the importance of high quality bakery chocolate and cocoa cannot be overstated. Good chocolate makes sinfully delicious and unforgettable desserts. Chocolate is a product that's as highly revered as fine wines in some parts of the world. Connoisseurs will pay high premiums for the best products which are produced by world renowned chocolatiers.