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Bakery Chocolate and Cocoa

Many bakeries and restaurant kitchens create awesome cakes and pastries using our Chocolate and Cocoa. We carry bulk restaurant supply Chocolate and Cocoa from Ghirardelli Chocolate for bakeries and wholesale foodservice businesses. Restaurants know the value of Ghirardelli Chocolate and cocoa for their desserts. Make a lasting impression on your food service patrons at dessert time.
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Chocolate as we recognize it today was developed primarily in Europe. When the dark cacao beans reached Europe, they were mixed with sugar and milk to make a delicious drink. Cocoa was also used in cakes, candies, and other desserts, again lightened with milk and sugar. It wasn't until the 19th century that the cacao bean was turned into actual bars of chocolate. This process was developed by John Cadbury, whose chocolate is still well-known today. The Cadbury name is nearly synonymous with Easter treats. Creating great bakery chocolate and cocoa products can certainly put one on the map and earn a place in history. Chocolate and Cocoa are 2 important ingredients for any bakery. Get the best deal on baking Chocolate and Cocoa at roundeyesupply for your cookies and cakes.

The use of chocolate in cooking can be dated back to Mesoamerica. Mayans and Aztecs used the prized concoction in religious ceremonies. Chocolate in its earliest incarnations was dark and rich with a bitter flavor that's hardly recognized in many American chocolate products today. However it's used, the importance of high quality bakery chocolate and cocoa cannot be overstated. Good chocolate makes sinfully delicious and unforgettable desserts. Chocolate is a product that's as highly revered as fine wines in some parts of the world. Connoisseurs will pay high premiums for the best products which are produced by world renowned chocolatiers.