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Peach Filling in Bulk

With a 125+-year history of providing the very best quality ingredients for the bakery industry, Lawrence Foods is unsurpassed in their manufacture of cream and fruit fillings, including apple, cherry, blueberry and peach fillings. This category is chock full of bulk peach fillings for use in bakeries, restaurants and food service kitchens for making pies, pastries and other confections that call for this sweet and delectable fruit ingredient. Packed in reusable, tamper-proof pails, you can select the 19-pound or the 0.75-gallon (4 per case) sized pails filled with juicy, sliced peaches in a sweet, tasty sauce. We also offer a top-quality Birds Eye product, sold wholesale in 112-ounce cans, six per case.
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Peach fillings are an essential ingredient of any bakery or restaurant establishment to make pies and cakes. Our fillings taste great and are made from the best ingredients.