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Basket Base

Our company is a one of kind basket supplier. We offer a complete fruit and gift basket program, using our patented and trademarked scalloped designed containers. There are numerous benefits of using our design.

Fast - Takes half the time to make a fruit basket, compared to other programs. More than one piece of fruit can be placed in the scalloped edge at one time.

Simple - Training and making the fruit basket is easy using our four step colored instructions. (Which are included with every case of baskets.)

Professional - See quality results when the fruit is held within the scalloped edge. (There is no need to tape.)

Our scalloped designed baskets are available in wicker and plastic. (Our plastic containers are made in the USA.) We also carry a large variety of standard baskets including our seasonal assortments. All our baskets are sold in case quatities. To keep our program complete we offer a full line of accessories, marketing tools and training aides.