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Restaurant Biscotti Cookies

If youíre looking for a unique yet delicious snack to offer in your facility or store, Nonniís Biscotti snacks are versatile cookies that can be used in a variety of ways. These cookies provide a harmonious combination of two traditional snacks: cookies and bread. Made to mirror the delicious taste of fresh bread while exhibiting the crunch of a cookie, biscotti cookies are not your average snack. We sell the best quality Biscotti Cookies around for foodservice restaurants to use in their meals. Our wholesale Biscotti cookies are flat out delicious. Don't buy bulk cookies from anyone else but the restaurant supply superstore.
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Nonnis Originali Biscotti - 1.08 Oz. Nonnis Food Originali Biscotti - 1.08 Oz.
Price $29.27 / Case of 48
Nonnis Cioccolati Biscotti - 1.2 Oz. Nonnis Cioccolati Biscotti - 1.2 Oz.
Price $29.27 / Case of 48
Nonnis Tub Biscotti Cioccolati Nonnis Tub Biscotti Cioccolati
Price $94.08 / Case of 6
Nonnis Decadence Cookie Biscotti Nonnis Decadence Cookie Biscotti
Price $51.68 / Case of 12

Bulk Biscotti Cookies

Not only are they a great snack to munch on, but Biscotti cookies are also perfect additions to meals or drinks such as coffees or teas. With our selection of individually wrapped biscotti in bulk, we make it easy for retailers to offer these unique snacks at checkout lines in restaurants or stores. Available in irresistible flavors such as almond, pecan, chocolate and more, we carry a wide variety to fit every customerís unique taste buds. At Round Eye Supply, we offer affordable bulk buying prices for delectable products such as these to provide you with everything you need to keep your business booming.
We carry the famous Biscotti cookies for your restaurant or foodservice operation to treat your patrons. Our Biscotti Cookies will keep your customers coming back again and again.