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Blaze Products

Blaze produces the longest, hottest burning canned chafing dish fuel in the foodservice catering market. A trusted leader in the industry for over 25 years, Blaze canned fuel is what top chefs at hotels, resorts, clubs and restaurants all over the world want. As the only ISO 9000 certified manufacturer in the business and with a strict independent testing, quality is guaranteed in every can. BLAZE Canned Fuel, Canned Heat and Chafing Dish Fuel are used by top chefs at hotels, resorts, clubs and restaurants for catering, banquets and buffets. BLAZE is proud to be the leader in the industry producing the hottest and safest canned heat for over 25 years.
BLAZE is UL tested, ISO 9001 certified and kosher approved. BLAZE Fuels are available in 3 formulations: Ethanol, Methanol and Diethylene Glycol.
All BLAZE fuels are environmentally friendly using sustainable resources. Our natural, organic fuels are biodegradable, smokeless, odor-free and non-toxic, producing no harmful emissions. BLAZE products are made in the USA from raw materials produced in the USA.