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Bulk Bluebird Fruit Juices

If you're looking for healthy juices to add to your menu, whether vegetable juice or natural fruit juice, check out our comprehensive selection of Bluebird Juice in both 5.5-oz (24 and 48 cans per case) and 48-oz (12 cans per case) sizes. Florida Natural Bluebird Juices are perfect for use on airlines, in daycare centers, in hospitals, cafeterias, restaurants, bars and schools. Natural juice is a big favorite, and having access to wholesale fruit juice in bulk is a real money saver. Select from flavors like pineapple, apple, cranberry cocktail, grape, grapefruit, prune, tomato, orange and white grapefruit. Bluebird real fruit juice cocktail mixers make delicious mixed drinks. Whether itís Bluebird pineapple juice for a pina colada, unsweetened orange juice for brunch mimosas or Bluebird grapefruit juice for a greyhound drink, youíll have plenty of unsweetened bulk juice on hand and never risk running out.
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Natural Juices in Bulk

Most of these real fruit juice selections are 100% juice made from concentrate, and several are unsweetened (pineapple, apple, grapefruit, orange). The white grapefruit and 46-oz orange juice cans are made shelf-stable for increased shelf life. These products offer a good way to get vitamins and minerals and an easy, convenient serving of something really delicious you know folks will love.