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Cane Simple Liquid Sugar

The simple way to sweeten drinks. These packets have 100% Natural Ingredients and are simple to use. Cane Simple is the only individually packaged liquid sugar on the market and is available in 3 flavors - Regular, Mint, and Vanilla. Cane Simple dissolves instantly into cold beverages (traditional granulated sugar does not) to make a perfectly balanced Iced Tea or Iced Coffee with barely a stir. Cane Simple can also add a delicious flavor boost to hot beverages like cappucino, hot chocolate or tea. These are ideal for bars as a convenient form of portioned simple sugar for mixed drinks.

Simple cane is the only individually packaged liquid sugar available for restaurants and the only individually packaged sweetener that offers 3 flavors of regular, mint and vanilla. It dissolves in cold beverages which granulated sugar does not. One packet of cane simple liquid sugar equals one packet of granulated sugar. All natural ingredients. They come in a unique upscale foil packet with built in pour spout versus traditional paper packets.