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Fortune Cookies

There's something truly magical about the quintessential fortune cookie that has made its name as a special end-of-the-meal treat and great gift for any occasion. Round Eye Supply offers crisp and delicious fortune cookies at great wholesale prices. Delight your guests with our fortune cookies that come with their customary fortune and set of lucky numbers. As a leading restaurant supply store, our focus is on quality _ our wholesale fortune cookies are made of the finest ingredients, have that unique traditional flavor, and are individually wrapped to seal in their freshness.
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Gourmet Fortune Cookies Fortune Cookies 320 Count
Price $15.30 / Case of 320
About the Fortune Cookie

A conventional symbol of Chinese American cuisine, fortune cookies are now served in restaurants the world over. Their inventor is still unknown, though they are said to have made their appearance in America during the early part of the twentieth century. Inspired by traditional Chinese or Japanese sweetmeats, fortune cookies can be now customized to suit any event.

What makes these bow-shaped cookies really special is the fortune inside – a slip of paper with a humorous or philosophical message and a set of lucky numbers. Served after a meal, there’s nothing quite like these fortune cookies to lighten the mood at the table. Whatever the occasion – Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, corporate events – a box of these cookies makes the perfect gift.

Fortune Cookies for Your Restaurant from Round Eye Supply

We have been in the restaurant supply business for over fifty years and have the experience and expertise to offer all the products necessary for the successful functioning of your restaurant or foodservice business. That’s why our fortune cookies are the best you can buy at an unbelievably low price. Made of premium ingredients, the cookies we supply are crisp and crunchy with a sweet crust. In fact, they taste just as good as the cookies you would find in traditional Chinese restaurants. Our Gourmet Cookies have a beautiful rose print individual wrapping, include a single fortune and a set of lucky numbers, and come 320 a box.

To get the best deal on your order, buy your fortune cookies in bulk from Round Eye Supply. Shipping takes just two to three business days and is free for orders over $1400. The greatest advantage of shopping with us for your restaurant supplies is that you get the best quality at the lowest possible price.