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Restaurant Chef Apparel

We are a leading restaurant supply supplier including apparel. Do you need aprons for your chefs or bibs for your patrons? We have these foodservice supplies in stock. Chef hats and hairnets are important to keep hair from getting in your customers food dishes. And if you need coveralls to protect your body from harmful chemicals, we have those too.
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Commercial Apparel for Restaurant and Catering Services

Round Eye Supply is one of the most trusted restaurant supply distributors in the market today. In fact, the commercial line of apparels at Round Eye Supply is considered among the many competitors who offer the same exact apparel item but with a higher price tag. Our apparel collection includes headwear, coveralls, aprons and bibs, hairnet, safety apparel, and other such items. Our inventory has products from brands like Cellucap, Chix, KleenGaurd and other such popular brands. We have Cellucap Child-Size Bibs, Chix Foodservice Aprons, KleenGuard A40 Coveralls (Large, Microporous Film Laminate, Zipper Front), Cellucap Hairnets and similar products our foodservice patrons. Keep in mind, Round Eye Supply always propose assortments that never make our customers dissatisfied.

Round Eye Supply is the leader of supplying restaurant equipments and other supplies required for any kind of restaurant Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, you name it. We have been in this business for over 50 years and such a long duration in the business have made us the leader and pioneer of restaurant supplies. What you and every customer love when shopping for commercial apparels or any kind of restaurant or food business supplies are the super low prices and fast shipping processes. We offer competitive pricing with all of our products and in addition, we ship our items within 1-2 business days.

There are so many small details that one needs to take care of while running restaurant and food business that it becomes a headache overtime when decisions are need to be made. For instance, one of the main components of a successful restaurant is the commercial apparel. You will need them for your restaurant staff and catering business. Apparels for chefs, bibs for patrons, chef hats, hairnets, and other such things are required to make your business more prosperous and charming. The items are not only to protect the food you prepare for your customers but also to protect your body and clothes from stains and other food debris that splatter while preparing some dishes like hot oil drops, spices, and other items while preparation. Why go through mind boggling stress when it can be easily solved by simply purchasing from a reliable source?

Customers love the fact that they can find almost anything they need for their restaurants under just one roof. Whether one looks for general or high quality commercial apparels and such protective measures, we offer them all. All products ordered are shipped by the very next business day and we offer the best shipping policy for all our products. Browse through our inventory and learn more about our commercial apparels and other foodservice apparel related items.