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Bulk Corn Nuts by Kraft

Corn nuts are a great snack anytime, anywhere and we have wholesale corn nuts in many tasteful flavors – original, barbecue, chili picante, ranch and more. Each flavor is available in one of two sized bags, 1.7 oz. and 4 oz. The 1.7 oz. portions come in cases of 216 bags, while the 4 oz. servings are packaged in cases of 12. We also offer bulk corn nuts in the original flavor in a 25 pound box.
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Corn Nuts by the Case

Originally introduced to the market in 1936 as a tavern snack to be given away in an effort to stimulate the thirst of beer drinkers, corn nuts aren’t nuts at all but corn kernels that have been soaked in water and then roasted or deep fried until they become hard and crunchy. The name Corn Nuts is a registered trademark owned by Kraft Nabisco. This is a favorite snack that shouldn’t be overlooked. Wholesale corn nuts for your restaurant and food service establishments.