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Commercial Cutting Boards for Restaurants

Kitchen Cutting Boards for Restaurants are a critical piece of gear for any chef. Our restaurant supply kitchen Cutting Boards are strong and durable for use in busy kitchens. These have been used for generations to make sure that food is cut properly without damaging your tables.
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White Cutting Board - 15 in. x 20 in. x 0.5 in. White Cutting Board - 15 in. x 20 in. x 0.5 in.
Our Price: $13.42 / Each
Buy your restaurant supply kitchen Cutting Boards from the leader in restaurant supply. Wholesale Cutting Boards are much more durable than retail ones. In the food service industry the last thing you want is food to become cross contaminated.  The possibility of food borne illness is not something any business would want to face.  The resulting publicity, and lack of trust of clientele would certainly hurt the success of the business.  In a busy foodservice atmosphere it can happen easily unless you use different surfaces for different cutting tasks. You can easily keep from contaminating vegetables with raw meat by using polyethylene cutting boards for the task.  Each cutting board is non toxic and non porous. This makes it easy for the polyethylene cutting board to be cleaned and sterilized.  The boards are portable, making it easy to move to the cutting area, or the cleaning area.  Why not designate different cutting boards for different uses, and be saved from the fear of cross contamination in your food service business.