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Bulk Disposable Food Containers & Packaging

For many restaurants today, takeout is integral to your operations - if not the core of your business. It doesn't matter if you're a chain, a sit-down place, a food truck or cater events - when a customer wants food to go, having the right disposable containers on hand is essential.

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Flexstyle White 32 oz. Hot Food Containers Flexstyle White 32 oz. Hot Food Containers
Price $106.55 / Case of 500
1 Kraft Folded Takeout Box 1 Kraft Folded Takeout Box
Price $95.05 / Case Of 450

To keep your assortment stocked up and ready for another day of business, turn to Round Eye Supply. As a leading online restaurant and grocer supplier, we prioritize our customers. You have access to over 60,000 products with just a click of a button, we keep prices low through our relationships with our suppliers, and we ensure fast and efficient shipping. In short, we're a one-stop shop for wholesale bulk food containers and other packaging needed for to-go meals.

Along with prioritizing your convenience, we adjust to our customers, striving to provide a personalized experience. We offer one-on-one help and can readily answer any questions you have about equipment or packaging supplies.

For your takeout and to-go operations, we offer the following disposable food containers in bulk:

Multiple Materials

Certain materials are better for some foods than others. Depending upon what you make, browse an array of paper, foam, aluminum and plastic disposable food containers in a range of sizes. Be prepared for appetizers, sandwiches, entrees, snacks and even desserts to go.

Multiple Shapes and Configurations

What kinds of foods are you offering to go? Is it a three-course meal for one person - or a bowl portion of soup? Do you offer meals combining multiple ingredients that you want to keep separate - for instance, a bread or a sandwich wrap, dipping sauce and a side salad? Whatever's on the menu, our wholesale disposable food containers accommodate these specific arrangements. Browse three-compartment, specialty, clamshell, hinged lid and soup containers.

Explore our selection now to supply your restaurant or catering company with exactly what you need - no compromises - and get free shipping on orders over $1,500.