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Disposable Food Containers & To Go Boxes

You want your customers to order as much food as they desire, but they can't always finish it in one sitting. Every restaurant must have to go boxes ready for their customers. Ideally, the take out containers should match the cuisine type, such as tightly sealed containers for soups and platters for steaks. Explore the plastic, foam, or paper food containers that can enhance your restaurant business and show restaurant patrons your serious about the whole dining experience.
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Flexstyle White 32 oz. Hot Food Containers Flexstyle White 32 oz. Hot Food Containers
Price $140.63 / Case of 500
1 Kraft Folded Takeout Box 1 Kraft Folded Takeout Box
Price $95.05 / Case Of 450

Octaview Containers

Octaview take out containers have a professional appearance to their shape. Your customers can see the food inside of the plastic food containers, which encourages them to finish it and visit again. These boxes are available in 100-unit cases. Order one box and see how long it takes to finish the supplies. You'll want to have several cases of plastic to-go boxes if your business is extremely busy. Always keep basic square and rectangular boxes on hand too. Small meals fit perfectly in these containers.