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Disposable Plastic Plates

Round Eye Supply sells quality disposable plastic plates to restaurants, cafeterias and other foodservice providers. Throw away plastic plates are also ideal for schools, hospitals and food courts. Plastic plates for caterers are also popular since it cuts their workload significantly.

Our wholesale plastic plates are conveniently categorized here in three subcategories black, white and clear. Here you'll find plates in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, from plastic party plates to elegant dinnerware. Purchase at bulk, wholesale prices in case lots of 120, 160, 240, 500 or 1000. Smaller case lots of our top-line, heavyweight hi-impact plates are also available.
Disposable Plastic Plates are economical and easy to dispose of after lunch or dinner. Stop wasting time washing dishes every night, when you can just throw them away and start fresh with new ones. No chipping or breaking of plates with these babies.