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Disposabomb Shot Cups


Every frat house in America uses these Disposabomb Plastic Bomb Shot Cups for their parties and events. They are perfect for Jager bombs, Cherry bombs, Berry Bombs, Tick Tacks, Irish Car Bombs, Melon Bombs and other bar shots. Disposable cup for bomb shots are easy to use and you don't have to deal with broken glasses any more or dishwashing. The bomb shot cup is a two chamber cup that separates the two beverages until your patrons tilt it up and enjoy their favorite shot.
Buy these crazy shot cups for your bar today. Each of the clear plastic bomb cups has a 1 ounce inner cup with a 2.75 ounce outer cup. Similar to Hurricane Shooters, Disposable Bomb Cups, Party Bomber Cups, Disposabomb, and Power Bomb. Has reservoir built in in the middle for an ounce of liquor and surrounding area for 2.75 oz of energy drink.