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Styrofoam Cup Lids

Our foam cup lids come in a variety of styles including sip-thru, drink-thru, straw slot, Lift N Lock and vented plastic lids for foam cups. You can get Styrofoam container lid bulk orders at wholesale prices and in quantities of 2000 or 1000 per case. Choose from bulk foam cup lids in solid white or in translucent white, made to fit a wide range of cup and container sizes, including 8-oz, 10-oz,- 12-oz, 16-oz, 20-oz and 32-oz (straw slot). These are primarily Dart Container Corporation lids, meant to fit Dart cups, although you'll also find an 8-oz. drink-thru foam cup lid made by Wincup. The Solo Cup Trophy Lift and Lock Tab lid will fit five different sizes. All lids here work with hot and cold drinks.
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