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FoodHandler is the established expert in safe food handling, providing gloves, bags and apparel products to the foodservice industry.
FoodHandler provides the highest quality disposable gloves, bags and apparel products.
Founded in 1969 as Island Polyethylene Bag and Supply Corporation, a regional distributor of plastic bags, the company grew to include products for the healthcare and industrial markets. The successful launch of a full line of top quality gloves for safe food handling later led to FoodHandler’s ongoing dedication to the foodservice industry. Today FoodHandler is known for its commitment to quality, innovation, and to elevating safe food handling standards in foodservice.
In 2004, FoodHandler joined with trusted medical safety supply company Microflex Corporation. Both companies being subsidiaries of BarrierSafe Solutions International Incorporated (BSSI). The additional resources available through BSSI— increased R&D capabilities, expanded product innovation, greater operational efficiencies, and supply chain management expertise — strengthened FoodHandler’s commitment to developing and marketing innovative food safety products.
As the first company to market NSF certified disposable gloves to the foodservice industry, FoodHandler continued to maintain and grow its top brands and leadership as a subsidiary of BSSI, headquartered in Lake Forest, IL.
In 2012, FoodHandler was acquired by Bunzl Distribution as a key partner to complement Bunzl's existing foodservice operations and expand the product offering and import programme in this sector.
Customers can expect the same dedication to quality service, helpful support and value-added products from FoodHandler. Building the company’s position and future as a foodservice industry leader in food safety is the number one goal of the FoodHandler management team.