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Foodservice Chef Coats

Foodservice Chef Coats are essential for most busy commercial restaurant kitchens and cafeterias. Buy quality chef jackets from top vendors such as BVT Chef Revival from the restaurant supply superstore. The appearance of a crisp, clean chef coat is undeniably pleasing, but the look of this coat was selected for more than its aesthetic appeal. Foodservice chef coats have been carefully developed to be highly functional in professional kitchens. Traditional chef coats are always double breasted. This gives them a neat and professional look, but serves a second purpose as well. Since the coats are double breasted, they can easily be turned inside out. It's important for a chef to look professional and clean at all times. If he needs to step out and greet a customer, he can quickly turn the jacket inside out to hide stains
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A white coat may seem troublesome in a kitchen where you're likely to encounter stains and spills. However, this is the very reason that the color is chosen for foodservice chef coats. Stains will be easy to spot, so customers who see a chef in a clean white jacket are instantly reassured of the cleanliness of the restaurant. The jackets are constructed from a thick cotton material to protect the chef from hot pots and boiling spills. This highly functional garment is far more than a covering. The chef coat exudes professionalism, reliability, and cleanliness, creating a kitchen atmosphere that any diner will want to order from. We are a leading distributor of foodservice Chef Coats for your cooking needs.