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Garbage Bags

Garbage Bags at wholesale prices for your everyday restaurant needs. Any business or home can never afford to run out of canliners for your garbage cans. The garbage bags of Round Eye Supply include bags of different sizes, colors and thickness.

Disposable High Quality Garbage Bags

The variety has been there to meet the needs of individual customers and those who need bags to dispose the waste in a systematic manner. Besides that, you will find Round Eye Supply providing black can liners not only for restaurants and kitchens but also for hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s clinic and dispensaries. Whoever maybe in need of garbage bags and no matter what type of bag you need, we are sure we’ll be able to accommodate you with our selections.

Find garbage bags of all sizes like the 33 Gallon Garbage Bags, 56 Gallon Garbage Bags, and other sizes at our inventory. Moreover the purpose garbage bags that we supply are something to look at specially the infectious waste garbage bags for hospitals and clinics. We provide Heritage Infectious-Waste bags of all sizes and Heritage Infectious-Waste 33/56 gal Healthcare Can Liners for hospitals and nursing homes. We also carry Natural Heavy Duty Coreless Roll 56/60 gal Can Liners, Heritage Natural HMW-HDPE 12 mic Folded 33/56 gal Can Liners, Regency HD Natural 33 gal HDPE 11/16 mic Can Liners on Roll and others. You will find no other company better than Round Eye Supply to meet your trash waste disposal needs with such a wide range of garbage bags and trash cans at your disposal.

Moreover, we are a complete solution to all restaurant and food business needs. From restaurant equipments, catering supplies, restaurant paper products, restaurant foods, plastic cutlery to garbage bags, we supply everything a large restaurant or a small bistro would need. Over the last 50 years we have been supplying top quality kitchen and restaurant supplies. In fact, we have impacted the restaurant industry so much today Round Eye Supply is considered a pioneer supplier of all restaurant supplies and equipment.

With increasing concern of the environment we need to become aware of our disposal habits. Whether it is at home or a restaurant, we often have large amount of waste products like food wastes, paper wastes, plastic wastes and to name a few which we need to dispose of properly. For all these purposes we need garbage bags. Garbage bags have been around for many years, but now with the increasing concern of environmental issues you need to be little choosey when it comes to which ones to buy. Since most are made of synthetic materials you need to find the ones that are biodegradable or recyclable. This small step, as a restaurant owner or homemaker, will play a pivotal role in the upcoming future and for our children’s as well.

Looking for the ultimate reliable supply of garbage bags? You have come to the right place. Round Eye Supply is your one stop solution for all your garbage bag needs. Round Eye Supply is one of the largest wholesale and retail suppliers of plastic garbage bags and other required restaurant supplies. Our restaurant supply garbage bags come in many different colors, sizes and thicknesses. Do you need black canliners? How about 33 gallon can liners? Or maybe you work at a hospital and need infectious waste garbage bags. We have them all. Round Eye Supply is one of the biggest garbage bag distributors in the country. Rely on our premium selection of quality garbage bags for your restaurant business or office.