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Masternet Ltd

Family Owned and Operated since 1988 !

Since the Hartman family – Linda Duval,

Paul Hartman and Steve Hartman – first opened the doors of MasterNet Ltd in 1988, we have been specializing in the manufacture of all types of plastic netting. Our Mississauga-based company began on a shoestring: with one used extruder purchased at a bankruptcy auction, some hopes and dreams, and a whole lot of hard work.

Twenty eight years later, our consistently profitable company is still pushing forward, with more force than ever before, and we have no intention of ever letting up.

A Lesser-Known Art Form

We believe that manufacturing netting is an art: one that can only be learned through hands-on practice, dedication and the drive to succeed. Each industry we’ve tapped into, from produce to poultry and from automotive to aquaculture,has provided us with unique learning experiences. Committed to innovation and investment, we use these valuable insights to rethink our products and processes so that we can make them more efficient, and above all, more environmentally friendly.

Little Fish Triumphs

In December 2003, we purchased Dupont Canada’s extruded plastic netting operations - namely their line of Vexar extruded plastic net: the original patented plastic netting. MasterNet now owns and manufactures Vexar as its own. Made of lightweight and durable polyethylene, Vexar products are used in a wide range of packaging, fencing and protective covering applications. The acquisition of Vexar enabled us to obtain additional equipment and technical know-how and has since proven to be the perfect complement to our existing product lines.
Masternet Ltd