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Pacific Handy Cutter Inc

The leader in Safety Cutters for companies. In 1950, the original Handy Cutter flat box cutter was invented. This product has established itself as one of the most useful tools in grocery store, retail and warehouse work environments. Pacific also invented the first successful guarded safety cutter for cutting boxes as well as the first ergonomically tested safety carton cutter, using a design-centric approach to development. The results were an extremely comfortable tool that prevented cramping and repetitive motion injuries, as well as reduced the risk of direct cutter lacerations. The effect on our customers was significant, in some cases up to 85 percentage, reduction in cutter related injuries as well as a dramatic reduction in workers compensation claims. A further benefit due to the  merchandise protection geometry of the cutting guide, was to reduce merchandise shrink / damage , which amounted to countless dollars in merchandise damage savings.