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Portion Cups & Lids

Portion cups, also called condiment cups or sometimes souffle cups, are a must-have in restaurants, cafes, cafeterias and snack bars for holding your mustard and mayonnaise, ketchup, salsa, soy sauce and countless other toppings. They're also popular with caterers and used to hold medications in healthcare facilities.
These small condiment containers are perfect for take-out orders and when you're using plastic souffle cups with lids, you're assured you'll be giving your customers leak-proof containers that they'll probably want to save and use again! You have your choice of black, white or translucent, with or without lids, in various sizes, including 1-oz, 1.5-oz, 2-oz, 3.25-oz, 4-oz and 5.5-oz. Most portion cups come in wholesale case lots of 2400, 2500 or 5000 pieces.
If you are looking at where to buy condiment cups with lids, look no further. Our lids fit tight to prevent spills and leaks while your customers head home or back to work.