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12 x 500 Aluminum Foil Rolls

12 x 500 aluminum foil rolls are the smallest foil rolls on the market. These foil rolls from the Restaurant supply superstore are more likely to be found in homes, small bakeries or restaurants. Foil has unique properties that protect food from burning and cool super quick. Foil can be used to cover casseroles and turkeys in the oven while cooking. Besides in the kitchen, aluminum foil can be used to wrap gifts (in a pinch), for fixing a loose connection in devices that use batteries, and as a makeshift antenna among many many others. Another nice feature of 12 x 500 aluminum foil is that it can be recycled, making it "green" product for the environment.
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Our wholesale 12 x 500 Aluminum Foil Rolls are used in restaurants, delis, bakeries, and other foodservice businesses throughout the country.