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18 x 1000 Long Aluminum Foil Rolls

18 inch aluminum foil rolls are the most popular aluminum foil rolls in the foodservice and restaurant industry. These long foil rolls from the Restaurant supply superstore last longer than typical rolls. Vegetables and potatoes can be wrapped in foil, topped with some butter and herbs and spices and put on the grill with the steaks or in the oven.
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Our wholesale 18 x 1000 Aluminum Foil Rolls are long for use in restaurants, delis, bakeries, and other foodservice businesses throughout the country. Rolls of foil can also line baking pans and cookie sheets to cut down on cleaning time.  Aluminum foil can be used to keep ovens cleaner by catching drips, and can be used to remove the tarnish from your silverware (line pan with foil, add boiling water and baking soda and immerse your silverware).  18 x 1000 aluminum foil rolls can be recycled and are green for the environment.  You won't find a longer foil roll.