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24 Inch Large Aluminum Foil Rolls

24 inch aluminum foil rolls are wide aluminum foil rolls for the foodservice market for restaurants. These large foil rolls from the Restaurant supply superstore cover twice the surface width as the small 12 inch rolls. Vegetables can be wrapped in foil, topped with some butter and herbs and spices and put on the grill with the steaks or in the oven.
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Our wholesale 24 x 1000 Aluminum Foil Rolls are wide and long for use in restaurants, delis, bakeries, and other foodservice businesses throughout the country. They can also for lining  cookie sheets and baking pans to reduce cleaning time. Aluminum foil rolls are good for the environment because they can be recycled.  This giant roll reduces the number of times you have to purchase and retrieve rolls, saving you time in a busy kitchen. They also come in 500 ft rolls. Foil has unique properties that protect food from burning and has been used in foodservice for many years. Foil can be used to cover casseroles and turkeys in the oven while cooking or can be crumpled up and used to scrape a grill clean of junk or remove rust. 24 x 500 aluminum foil rolls can be recycled and are green for the environment.