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Circus Animal Crackers

What kid doesn't love circus animal cookies? They're great, not only for eating but also for making it fun and delicious to learn about the different types of animals! We carry a great selection of zoo animal crackers and circus animal crackers, all offered in money-saving wholesale, bulk animal crackers case lots. You can select from the top-name manufacturers in the industry, including Nabisco Animal Crackers, Keebler Animal Crackers and Barnum Animal Crackers in the familiar red and yellow animal cracker box that's been with us for more than 100 years. The restaurant supply superstore stocks animal crackers from Keebler and Barnums. Our Animal Crackers are healthy for kids and filling as well. These animal crackers make for a great kids meal snack at any restaurant or snack shack. Some chefs get creative and use these in many desserts and dishes. Just substitute animal crackers for graham crackers in any pie crust for an excellent variation.
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Bulk Zoo Circus Animal Cookies

You'll also find individual animal crackers from Stauffer’s sold in one-ounce packages, 120 packages per case. These have a 365-day shelf life. Another unique choice found here are the Keebler (Kellogg’s) 13-ounce bags of Frosted Animal Crackers, packed six bags per case. Also check out the Keebler Whole Grain Animal Crackers.