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Foodservice Foam Food Containers

Foam Containers, also known as Styrofoam Containers, are used in almost every restaurant in the country either for serving takeout in, or packaging leftovers in. Foam is such a cheap material to manufacture, that it has taken over certain foodservice industry applications. We stock virtually every variety of foam container you can imagine from hinged lid containers to foam cups to foam bowls.
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Rely on Our Styrofoam Containers

If you are already a restaurant owner you already know the use and utility of Styrofoam containers and so many other items that one requires to run a restaurant. If you are about to open one, you must be aware of some really important items that you cannot do without. And such items are like Styrofoam containers, foam storage containers, hinge lid containers and alike that help to pack food and offer customers the option to take them home.

Styrofoam containers find the usability in fast food restaurants, buffet restaurants, catering services, formal restaurants, specialty restaurant and similar types of food businesses. As a restaurant owner, it is your duty to ensure availability of these items at your restaurant for quicker service and packaging.

Round Eye Supply is your one stop shop for all your food packaging needs. Whether its foam packaging, paper, plastic, 3 compartments, single compartment, and etc., we carry a wide selection for out food service patrons and restaurant owners. Our restaurant supply store only offers quality products. Not to mention, our prices are very competitive. Choose Round Eye Supply for all your restaurant supply needs.