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Foil Food Wrap By Size

Our aluminum foil food wraps from Reynolds, El Dorado, Handi foil and Western Plastics come in pop up sheets as well as aluminum foil rolls for whatever foodservice application you may have. Foil is a neat substance in that it heats up quick and cools down quick. Just don't put it in the microwave. Aluminum foil is used in foodservice to wrap foods, top off containers, wrap foods for cooking, and much more. As the restaurant supply superstore , we carry every size and thickness of foil rolls on the market. Our pop up foil sheets are very convenient for busy commercial kitchens. Aluminum foil is great for balling up and cleaning grills and glassware, for making a temporary funnel or pastry bag, and sharpening scissors. It also can be used by bakeries to protect pie crusts from burning.
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Buy your kitchen Foil Food Wrap from the restaurant supply gurus. Our aluminum Foil Food Wraps come in many different sizes and thicknesses.