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Wholesale Restaurant & Kitchen Knives

When it comes to precision, there's no such thing as a minimalist kitchen. Instead, chefs view their knives as essential tools, each performing a specific function. This emerges through the size and sharpness of each knife, as well as their individual purpose, and measures to prevent cross-contamination during preparation.

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For all of these aspects, your staff can't compromise. So, when knives break or can no longer be sharpened to perform, restock and keep on going with Round Eye Supply.

We're a leading online supplier of restaurants and grocers. That's no understatement: Among over 60,000 products, we consider broad-picture to highly focused uses, furniture to kitchen tools, and knives fall within this scope. Get exactly what your chefs need to prep and cook at some of the lowest wholesale prices you'll see around.

Unsure about what we offer, or have any questions? We want you to feel satisfied, and in turn, we operate much like a small business. You'll receive one-on-one support from staff with years of experience in the foodservice industry, and we'll assist you with questions about equipment and other supplies.

In terms of restocking kitchen and restaurant knives in bulk, you'll find:

Several Types of Wholesale Kitchen Knives

Never say, “We'll make it work.” Instead, get the sharpness and size to prepare whatever's on the menu. We offer stainless steel, commercial-grade boning, produce, sandwich, bread, slicer, paring and various chef knives.


Maintaining your kitchen knives is key for longevity. If you don't store and clean them correctly and if you're negligent with sharpening them, you'll end up with a dull blade that doesn't do its job. Along with the array of bulk restaurant knives we offer, we've anticipated their care and maintenance. Find racks with various storage capacities and commercial knife sharpeners.

Replenish your restaurant's kitchen with bulk knives from Round Eye Supply. Browse all options today, and get free shipping on orders over $1,500.