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Lime Juice for Restaurants

Our Lime Juices are used in restaurants and kitchens throughout the country to create delicious food dishes and mixed drinks. Lime juice is used in cooking food, making salsa, and creating mixed drinks. At our restaurant supply superstore, you can choose from a wide variety of wholesale Lime juices on the market.
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Motts Realime Juice Bottle - 8 Oz. Motts Realime Juice Bottle - 8 Oz.
Price $22.32 / Case of 12
Motts Realime Juice - 1 Gal. Motts Realime Juice - 1 Gal.
Price $60.28 / Case of 4
Motts Realime Shape - 2.5 Oz. Motts Realime Shape - 2.5 Oz.
Price $12.56 / Case of 24

Lime Juice by the Case

Restaurant Supply Lime Juice is a key ingredient in foodservice for food dishes and drinks. Historically, limes have been used for a variety of benefits for the human body. Limes are high in Vitamin C which helps with the absorption of calcium which in turn aids in healthy bones and in the prevention of Scurvy. Lime juice has been used for many years as a disinfectant and antiseptic. In lab tests, it has been shown that the liver produces less of a compound associated with higher levels of cholesterol when exposed to limonene, a naturally occurring oil in citrus peels and other plants. Other tests using both animal and human cells have shown that citrus limonoids found in limes can help fight certain types of cancers, such as mouth, breast, stomach, skin, lung, and colon. It is believed this is accomplished by limonoidsí ability to increase the levels of liver enzymes involved in detoxifying carcinogens. One of the interesting characteristics of limonoids is that they can stay in the body for up to 24 hours after consumption. Other research has indicated that the high acidic level in lime juice are very effective in both inhibiting the growth of and killing cholera in food. Some varieties of lime contain volatile oils that have shown to be an effective mosquito repellent for as long as three hours.