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Standard Aluminum Foil Rolls

Standard Aluminum Foil Rolls are a multifunctional product that can be used in restaurants to wrap, seal, and cook food, plus line pans, and more. Restaurants and foodservice kitchens like aluminum foil for helping keep foods warm and sealed. Foil is also great for grilling since it protects the food from burning and cools super quick. Aluminum Foil can be used to wrap cooked meat off the grill for storing and eating later. Foil is also better for covering cakes than plastic wrap so the icing does not cling. Another nice feature of aluminum foil is being able to recycle it making it good for the environment.
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Our wholesale Standard Aluminum Foil Rolls are used in restaurants, delis, bakeries, and other foodservice businesses throughout the country. Besides using for cooking and baking, aluminum foil can be used for other purposes, such as sharpening scissors, cleaning off rust, taking tarnish off silverware, painting (protecting knobs and handles, quicker cleanup), and reducing static cling when using clothes dryers, just to name a few.