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Trinidad Benham

There are very few companies out there who are completely employee owned companies and are in business to help out the foodservice industry.  One of those companies is Trinidad Benham.  Trinidad Benham has been around for almost a full century and all of its employees are full owners in the company.  This shows a lot about how the company works and how the company operates.  Employees who have a larger stake in the company have been shown to produce more and have more pride in what they do. They produce many beans and peas you eat in restaurants.
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They employees of Trinidad Benham are the driving force behind the company.  All of the employees come to the company with experience in their field.  They have all been around the industry for awhile and bring their knowledge and experience to Trinidad Benham.  The goal of a company is to grow, expand and get better.  

Trinidad Benham wants to help and serve their customers in any way that is possible.  The company has a large variety and volume of high quality food products for their customers including lima beans, navy beans, black beans, and more.