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Vita Mix Corp

The foodservice industry needs high end products that can be very costly. Some of these products, especially for new businesses and restaurants, can be over budget or too costly. With the help of Vita Mix Corp, customers can purchase reconditioned blenders as well as new ones and save themselves some money. Even though reconditioned blenders are not brand new, they must adhere to strict standards that are set by Vita Mix Corp. Any product that does not meet these standards will not be sold until all of the standards are met. All of our blenders ARE brand NEW, though.
The first standard that is set by Vita Mix Corp is that every item needs to be quality inspected. A designated person will personally go over each item and check all aspects of this item. The inspector has a list of items to look for and if even one of these items is not met, the item will either go back for more reconditioning or it will be trashed completely. The inspector will plug the product in and run the machine to make sure all of the parts are running as they should. For any products that come in to Vita Mix Corp that have broken pieces that cannot be reconditioned, replacement parts will be ordered. It is very possible that some items that are reconditioned and sold by Vita Mix Corp will have brand new pieces. Some pieces just cannot be fixed and new parts have to be ordered. By doing this, this enhances the value and the reliability of the product. Vita Mix Corp stands behind all of their products and they do everything they can to make sure the products are running in the best condition possible.