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Waterbury - Time Mist

There are ways that you can maintain a positive impression for the clients who are using your facilities. The Waterbury Time Mist line of products is ideal for the restaurant owner who understands that a positive experience begins when the customer enters the building and does not end until the customer leaves. The variety of dispensing products and air scents that are offered through this air freshener manufacturer will help your company to make a positive impression on each guest as soon as they enter your facilities. The dispensers offered by Waterbury Time Mist can all be set to go off at regular intervals, or they can be diffusers that consistently put a pleasant scent in the air. They come in neutral colors that will help to match almost any décor and their look is elegant and inviting. You can choose to have scented product misted into your facilities, or you can choose a wick product that allows for the measured release of product over the course of the day.
The scents offered by Waterbury Time Mist include Country Garden, Mango and Clean N Fresh. These are all scents that would appeal to any customer and help to enhance the ambiance in your restrooms. There are also sanitizer products that can be used to clean your restrooms and leave them feeling clean. The more care you put into your business' presentation, the more your guests will appreciate that effort. With Waterbury Time Mist products, you will be able to enhance the quality of your guests' experience while maintaining a clean and inviting facility to entice repeat business.