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Zatarains, Inc

If you have been in the seafood restaurant business for any period of time, then you are familiar with the brand name Zatarains. It is a company that has made its reputation by selling some of the finest in New Orleans and Cajun-styles recipes and products. When restaurant owners want to give their Cajun menu a memorable flavor, they always turn to Zatarains. You can offer a standard beer-battered fish fry to your customers on Friday nights, or you can push things up a notch by using a fish frying method that really sings. There is plenty of variety in the Zatarains line to help any restaurant become successful and gain the reputation for being the place to get good seafood.
The variety of products in the Zatarains line extends way beyond fish seasoning. You can find a gumbo base, Creole mustard, the makings for Creole rice and a dirty rice mix among the many other products available. When you want to make your menu Cajun, then Zatarains is the direction you want to go in.