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Brownie Mix

Brownie Mix in Bulk

As much as many restaurants and bakeries would like to make all their brownies from scratch, sometimes time and equipment simply doesn’t allow for this. Buy brownies in bulk from Round Eye Supply so you can make great desserts fast. We proudly serve restaurants, bakeries, school cafeterias and others in food service who need large amounts of dry dessert mix. As a leading brownie supplier, we carry popular brands, such as Duncan Hines, Ghirardelli, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker and Pioneer — companies that are known for their sweet treats.

Wholesale Dry Brownie Mix

Whatever flavor brownie your customers like, Round Eye Supply can help you bake them by the dozens. We have all the traditional favorites, including wholesale chocolate brownies, fudge brownies and double fudge brownies. Variations, such as triple chocolate brownies, dark chocolate, salted caramel brownies and whole grain brownies, offer even more options. There are mug mix brownies for cooking desserts in the microwave and bulk gluten-free brownies to serve gluten-sensitive patrons. These oversize boxes of brownie mix are perfect for busy kitchens. Buying a case of several boxes extends the overall shelf life if demand ebbs and flows. If your business is constantly churning out brownies, consider a giant 50-pound brownie mix bag. Chefs can follow the recipe as is with the recommended amount of wet ingredients. Or they can use the mix as a base from which to get creative and come up with new house recipes.

Your One-Stop Baking Supplier

You’ll always have something sweet on the menu when you shop at Round Eye Supply. We distribute bulk brownie mix to anyone who’s planning to bake a lot of desserts in a short amount of time. You can also buy wholesale vegetable oil and the other ingredients you need to make delicious brownies. Shipping is fast and we offer great rates so you can turn a good margin on the food your customers want.

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