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Cake Mixes

Successful bakeries, caterers and restaurants are in constant need of a reliable resource for quality cake mixes that form the base for all sorts of baked goods. Your search for the best bakery and catering cake mix suppliers is over because you have found your way here. Red Eye Supply is a leading supplier of premium bakery cake mixes offered at affordable wholesale prices. In addition, you can find the quantities you need to create an unlimited number of cake-based desserts and treats every day.

Classic Cake Flour

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the type and quantity of baking ingredients that go into making a good cake. If you prefer to use a cake mix developed for bakeries, we have a nice variety on hand for you to choose from. These mixes produce cakes that have minimal crumbling and cracking, a plus for cakes that need secure structural integrity for longer periods of time. A quality white bakers cake mix, and yellow bakers cake mix, are easy to prepare and offer reliable consistency and results. You may also want to stock up on the chocolate Devil’s food mix.

Branded Cake Mixes

Duncan Hines professional cake mix is a trusted brand mix used by many caterers, bakeries and professional kitchens. These mixes contain almost everything needed to create moist, flavorful cakes with less fuss and hassle. We offer premium quality Duncan Hines cake mix at our usual wholesale price savings, making it easy to stock up ahead of time on as much cake mix as you need for regular cakes and special occasion cakes.

Specialty Cake Mixes

While you are here, take a look at our specialty cake mix options. If you wish to create authentic style New York Cheesecake, there is a mix that can help you make a delicious no bake variety that can sell like hot cakes! Or you can whip up batches of tasty funnel cakes for the summer season using a mix that only requires adding water.
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