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All Purpose Flour

Bulk All-Purpose Flour

For all your baking needs we offer a wide variety of all-purpose flour products in various bulk sizes and at attractive wholesale prices. Hotel and restaurant all-purpose flour is available from Gold Medal, ConAgra Mills, Royal Four Star, Pillsbury and C.H. Guenther and Son. Choose from bleached or unbleached, enriched or regular. You can buy single bags, 25-pound or 50-pound, or cases containing two bags. You'll also find 2-pound bags (case of 18), 5-pound bags (case of 8) and 10-pound bags (case of 4) from Gold Medal, a General Mills Company.
Just about every food prep facility uses all-purpose flour on a regular basis, and we make obtaining high-quality product in bulk and at attractive wholesale prices easy. We also carry gluten-free and organic, unbleached flour.

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