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Hi Gluten Flour

Bulk High-Gluten Flour

While some specialized baked products require gluten-free flour, some others are best made with high-gluten flour. Thin-crust pizza, dinner rolls and bagels are three items where high-gluten flour is recommended, and we have several available here, sold in bulk and at fantastic wholesale prices. Choose from Pillsbury 50-pound bags of Balancer Hi Gluten Flour that's bromated, bleached, malted and 14+% protein. It's made to have excellent absorption qualities, making it easy to mix and creating a strong dough.
All Trumps (General Mills) Hi Gluten Flour comes in 25-pound and 50-pound bags and with a shelf life of more than a year, should be fairly easy to use up before its use-by date. Bleached, enriched and bromated, this flour provides superior strength and great consistency.

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