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All-purpose flour is a must have essential for restaurants and food service businesses of all kinds. Flour is a basic item that serves an important function for cooking and baking. Countless recipes require the use of flour to give them texture and structure. Basically, flour is always on the list of items to get, and you can save when you make Round Eye Supply your main supplier of all your bulk all-purpose flour needs. We know exactly the brands and types of flour a food service kitchen desires and we offer quality bulk flour bags in the sizes and quantities you need for professional use.

Trusted Food Service Brands

Flour is such a common food staple that it must be processed at mills that meet high quality standards. When it comes to finding the brands that restaurants trust the most, we’ve got you covered. Many of the flour brands we offer have been used professionally for generations, and they are still going strong. Find trusted brands such as Gold Medal, Pioneer, Pillsbury, Royal Four Star, Medallion Bakers, Bob’s Red Mill and White Lily.

Enriched and Organic

Depending on the recipes you create for menu items, you may need to use standard enriched all-purpose flour or flour that is certified organic. To keep all of your customers coming back for more of what you serve, having both types of flour in supply can make things easier on your kitchen staff.

Variety of Bulk Quantities

You can rely on us to keep you stocked up on whatever quantities of bulk enriched or unbleached all-purpose flour you require. Sometimes all you need is a single bag and sometimes you want a case of two bags. For kitchens that use a large amount of flour on a regular basis you can order several cases of large flour bags or one or more cases of smaller flour bags. We give you the flexibility you need to get just the right quantities at the right time.
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