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Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding is one of those fun treats that become lifelong favorites. So many people enjoy this smooth, chocolate-infused treat as children, and continue loving it as adults. This makes it pretty much a “no brainer” menu item for all sorts of businesses that serve food to the public. Because every second counts during the food preparation stage, finding fast and easy ways to serve this favorite pudding is essential. Whether you want to make a gallon of chocolate pudding or offer individual servings, We have a solution that is sure to work great for your business. Browse to find bulk chocolate flavored pudding packaged in several convenient ways.

Ready-to-Serve Pudding

This ready-to-serve option for chocolate pudding is ideal for businesses that have little to no time for pudding preparation. For you, we have ready-made pudding that’s already packaged in single serving size cups. This is the same type of packaging you see offered at supermarkets and convenience stores. Save by purchasing them wholesale, and then separating the cups for individual re-sale as the orders come in. These shelf stable puddings can last for a good long time in storage, making them a worthwhile dessert/treat item.

Pudding in the Can or Pouch

Achieve more versatility with your sweet treat offerings with pre-made canned chocolate pudding or pouch chocolate pudding. Restaurants have long relied on canned pudding, and the chocolate flavor has always been a big winner with customers. The key is choosing canned restaurant pudding that is packed with richness and flavor. We’ve already selected the best brands making pudding in a can, and all you have to do is decide which one you like the best. Alternatively, you can choose pudding packaged in flavor sealed pouches. Both options allow you to serve the pudding as is or use it to make silky smooth chocolate pie and other delicious desserts.

Pudding Mixes

If there is time to make pudding from scratch, you can save time by using instant pudding mixes. We offer a variety of quality mixes that can be used for creating dishes of creamy chocolate pudding or used as a pie filling.
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