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Round Eye Supply is here to save dessert, and resolve the decision about where to buy buttercream icing in bulk quantities. This curated frosting guide is the quickest way to find all sorts of bakery and restaurant frosting and icing for cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and more. In this collection, we feature the top brands and types of icing most often used in professional kitchens. You can also find bulk quantities of icing shortening, which can help shore up cake structure and achieve a smoother consistency. Select prepared bulk icing that is ready to use upon arrival and icing mixes that reconstitute with added liquid.

Bulk Frosting/Icing

As a nationwide resource for bulk buttercream frosting, it is our job to make sure that we make it as convenient as possible for you to find the quantities you require for daily operations. Bakeries, caterers and restaurants always have a need for large quantities of frosting/icing, and buying in bulk from us can save your kitchen staff a whole lot of time and effort. Select the type of bulk frosting you need and enjoy wholesale savings when ordering by the pound.

Ready to Use Bakery Frosting

Making cakes and other confections that require frosting involves organization and planning to ensure you get each dessert creation done properly. By ordering bulk supplies of ready-made frosting, there is no need to always whip up batches of bakery frosting from scratch. You have several great options for spreadable frosting right out of the container. Large tubs containing smooth buttercream frosting contain enough icing to frost a certain quantity of cakes or cupcakes. These are ideal for bakers who churn out confections on a regular basis. For smaller baking needs, you can find cases of brand name frosting in 16 oz. cans. Or if you prefer, select dry mix icing that can be custom measured as needed.

A Variety of Icing Flavors

This collection includes high-quality icing flavors, including the always versatile vanilla/white icing flavor. You can also find different types of chocolate icing to suit a particular recipe, or try a few other tasty flavors for some variety.
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