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Nuts for Baking & Recipes

Our supply of bulk nuts for baking & cooking is unmatched in the restaurant industry. We carry all of the different healthy nuts including almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, pecans and more! Baking Nuts available as whole, chopped, slivered, and blanched can be used for baking pies & cakes, sprinkled on ice cream as a topping, or added to casseroles for flavor. Cooking nuts like almonds and cashews are a healthy, delicious and flavorful addition to salads and desserts. Itís no wonder that nutty dishes and desserts are always a customer favorite! With so much demand for nut-based foods and even drinks, such as various nut milks and almond-based horchata, buying slivered nuts in bulk saves money as well as prep time in the kitchen. You can also buy in bulk whole nuts to chop, sliver and slice according to your baking needs.
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