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Wholesale Old Fashioned Oats in Bulk

Go old school in your kitchen by making bulk oats part of the menu. Old fashioned oats are for more than just oatmeal. You can grind them into flour for general baking or make breakfast pastries and desserts. These whole grains are naturally gluten-free, contain many essential nutrients and have a long shelf life, making them a centerpiece for restaurants that want to offer a healthy eating alternative. We are an authorized distributor of leading brands, such as Quaker, Bob’s Red Mill, Ralston and Nature Valley, that are known for their oat-based products.
There are three basic types of old-fashioned oats for sale at Round Eye Supply: Wholesale Steel Cut Oats: These oats have been cut into pieces, giving them a toothy texture that’s great for porridge, meatloaf and stuffing or for grinding into flour. Bulk Rolled Oats: Also known as whole oats, they are processed by steaming and pressing the grains. This helps them cook faster and absorb more liquid, which is ideal for use in baked goods, such as cookies and granola bars. Instant Oats: “Quick oats” are pre-cooked and dried before rolling and pressing. The extra processing helps them cook faster but with less texture.

We offer each style of oats in sizes ranging from 18-ounce retail containers to giant 50-pound bags. Your eatery can also sell granola bars, oat cereals and other foods customers will love.

Affordable Breakfast Supplies

Thanks to wholesale oats, restaurants can serve healthy meals that are fast and affordable. Round Eye Supply has competitive prices and fast shipping throughout North America. Offer a complete breakfast menu by making us your one-stop shop for grits, pancake mix, cereal cups and other popular food. We work with each customer individually to get them the best price on large-volume orders. Call or email us to learn more.

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