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Bakery Shortenings

Wholesale shortening makes good sense for your bakery, restaurant or home pantry. Find your favorite name brands at the best prices among the shortening for sale at Round Eye Supply.

What Is Shortening?

Any type of fat that remains solid at room temp is considered shortening. That includes butter, lard and margarine. It is used for deep-frying and baking many types of food.

What Is Shortening in Baking?

The job shortening performs in baked goods is preventing long strands of gluten from forming when it's worked into a floury dough. In other words, this unsung hero makes cookies, pie crusts and other goodies crumbly, flaky and melty. Butter is not always as good at this job as cheap vegetable shortening because it contains more water than shortening and has a lower melting point.

Wholesale Shortening Options

Browse our inventory for the most popular shortening brands in a variety of size options. Crisco is the most well-known national brand, and we carry bulk Crisco shortening in regular and butter flavors. Choose 12-count cases of 16- or 48-ounce containers, or opt for 6-count cases of 6-pound containers. Other vegetable shortening brands we carry include Mazola, Chef's Pride, Hymo and more in bulk options from 10 quarts to 50 pounds. A long shelf life makes wholesale shortening a great choice for bakeries, fast-food restaurants, catering businesses and dedicated home bakers.

Your One-Stop Shop for Success

At Round Eye Supply, we're committed to making your life easier. Find over 60,000 items for your home or business in one easy-to-use website. That means you can shop for cheap vegetable shortening, high-quality cleaning supplies, healthy snacks and disposable food containers all in one place. Get knowledgeable advice from our friendly customer service staff who have worked in the foodservice industry for decades doing everything from distribution to tending bar. All qualifying orders ship free, and ours are the lowest prices around. Level up your margin for success with Round Eye Supply.

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